Above are some of our "BIGGER" customers to show that any size pet can be comfortable in the wash! But if they are a little skittish and or to old to be able to get in the tub; you can always wash them right on the floor. We're sorry that you would have to bend over but at least you still leave the mess for us!!

Our Pet wash is open 7 Days a week from 7:30 am - 9:00 pm

It costs $8 for 10 minutes of time and will accept Quarters, Bills and Debit and Credit Cards.............

And during that time our system offers

Tearless Shampoo

Veterinary Grade Shamp


Creme Conditioner

Oatmeal Treatment

2 Speed Blow Dryer at an ambient temperature so that it doesn't dry out their skin

Lastly a tub cleaner